How To Keep A Couples Photoshoot Comfortable and Fun

I recently had a styled couples photoshoot set up by my photographer friend Alex Kelly. It was in the Art District in Chattanooga and I LOVE how these photos turned out!

Megan + Wes were our lovely models and they were naturals. Megan loved the camera, and Wes had told me he was going to be proposing soon (they got engaged on the fourth of July!) so the whole session was just so much fun! 

engagement photos

A great way to make a couples photoshoot a little more comfortable is to have it during a date.

casual couple photos

Megan + Wes wanted a France/Italy vibe for these photos, and we stopped at a cute cafe that looked like it belonged in France. I really loved the spots we found, they were exactly what we were looking for!

We used a handful of props which added a whole new level to the photos. The Whole Foods shopping bag, the cups of coffee – it all made the photos feel like I really was just a fly on the wall during a date!

fun couples pictures

To keep it feeling casual and real,

I prompted them with actions more than with poses. Suggesting things like Wes pulling out the chair for Megan and taking sips of coffee helped with the candid vibe we were going for.

follow along date photoshoot

I obviously had to bring my film camera along for some shots! The look of these photos on film just makes sense with what we were trying to accomplish with this shoot. I love them!

I made a reel showing some bts of the shoot too – check it out here!

So if you’re looking for a fun couples photoshoot idea or a way to feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera, try out this date idea! I think it turned out great, and can’t wait to do it again.