Why Photography Mentorships Are Remarkable For New Business Growth

Providing photography mentorships lights me up – I know how important that support can be when starting your journey as a photographer. I want to help as many photographers and creatives as possible!

Katie helped me figure out all the behind the scenes stuff to my business and I learned so much! – Savannah

When I started in my photography business, it was hard to find someone that would help and give real advice. I spent a lot of time learning things along the way as I did them since I didn’t have a mentor to learn from. I learned a lot, but it would have been so much easier if I had had someone to lean on! Everyone and every path is different, but having someone to shadow and/or assist and ask questions and support can make or break an aspiring business owner. 

There are no secrets to success, and every photographer is an artist which means all the work is different and attracts different clients. With that being said, I’m here to help with shooting, editing, social media, and all things business related!

Katie is so much fun to shoot with! She offered so much value to starting my business during our mentor session. – Taylor

photography mentorships for new photographers

Let’s dive into what my photography mentorships for all the photographers that want to learn, grow, and build community look like!

Package 1 – The Basics

You’re going to want to bring your notebook to this session because we’re going to go over everything I know about the photography business! From forming an LLC, to how to set up financials and your CRM, to editing tips and a pricing how to. This is essentially a crash course that touches on everything in just 1 hour!

Package 2 – Shooting 101

This mentorship package is designed to attract your ideal client. It is perfect if you’re unsure how to work your camera or just want some awesome content and posing ideas! We’ll spend a couple hours shooting together and I will help with prompts, teach you how to interact with clients during a session (like how to fill the awkward in between moments!), and how to shoot different angles. After shooting, we’ll go through and edit a few together and chat!

Package 3 – Best of Both

A little obvious from the name, but this one has it all! We’ll start with a coffee date where we go through all the basics and that photography biz crash course I mentioned before, and then we’ll end with a styled shoot! It’s a long day full of a lot of information, but it’s so worth it – and fun!

Package 4 – Give me a ring

This is the perfect option for photographers who maybe don’t have time for any of the other photography mentorship options or live far away. We’ll hop on zoom for a 1 hour session, and we can use that time however you’d like! If you have a specific question about the business, want an honest critique from an outsider’s point of view, or just want to chat about equipment, film, or marketing – we can cover whatever it is you need!

Regardless of which photography mentorship package you choose, I will make sure that you’ll get as much out of it as possible. Photography and helping people are two things I’m so passionate about, and these mentorships are the perfect combination of that! I know how hard it is in this industry to not compare yourself and be proud of what you do, so I’m here to help you find the confidence in yourself that you deserve!

I recently mentored a photographer who has a family and wanted to work for herself. She chose the best of both package and we had a styled shoot with her ideal client, then a 3 hour meeting going over all things business. Since the mentorship, she has now made the jump to booking clients! She wasn’t confident with the technical shooting aspect, so she had been putting off actually booking clients. And now? She officially has a wedding booked. I am SO proud of her!

new photog mentor

If you’re thinking, “omg I need this in my life!” go ahead and head over to my contact page and let’s do it! If you have any questions that I didn’t cover here, DM me on instagram and we can chat more there.