Shooting On Film – How I Got Started and Why I Love It

About 6 months ago, I started shooting on film. 

black and white film photo

My editing style has always been pretty filmy, and of course I always see film photos on pinterest that I love, so it had been in the back of my mind. Then, I started seeing some of my favorite photographers shoot film so I knew I had to try! (@moniquebiancaphoto @indiaearl @ohh.ginger check them out!!)

There’s something so nostalgic and old school about film. Holding a film photo gives you the feeling that it has been around for awhile and you have a piece of that history.

Shooting on film also lends itself more to storytelling than digital photos, in my opinion. You get one shot with film, it’s only that one moment.

You catch it or it’s gone. I love that aspect!

If there are any photographers reading this and thinking about wanting to get into film, my biggest suggestion would be research, research, RESEARCH!! There’s tons of film stuff out there and it is expensive, so you want to go into it with at least a little bit of knowledge. I would definitely recommend doing a mentorship with a photographer who shoots on film before you invest in film. (If ya didn’t know, I do mentorships! Check them out here for more info!)

When I was first getting into shooting on film, I was only going to use it on my travels. I never intended on offering it to my clients. Then when clients started asking about it, I knew what I had to do!

I offer some film in all of my sessions now, both black and white film and color film. The client can choose what kind and how much they want!

So If you’re looking for a photographer who shoots on film, I’m your girl! Reach out and let’s chat!