Inspiration and Ideas for Wedding Detail Shots That Tell a Story

Wedding detail shots are an important piece of wedding photography. Every wedding and every couple is different, and these kinds of photos capture the couple’s style perfectly. 

I love putting together wedding detail photos because I love the extra opportunity to be creative during the wedding day! I love the storytelling aspect and seeing the meaningful pieces from each bride – it truly never gets old.

When it comes to getting a great wedding detail photo, it’s important to have all the little items prepared for your photographer that tells your story as a couple. Include things like invites, perfume, lipstick, and anything that really means something to you. This could be a grandmother’s rings, your mother’s pearls, a hair clip, etc. My favorite to work with in these kinds of shots are shoes. Definitely go ALL OUT on your shoes as it will level up your wedding look!

If you want some wedding detail shots ideas, including what to bring for wedding detail shots, here are a few of my current favorites that I’ve taken.

Let’s hear it for these shoes! I loved using them as the focal point on top of this amazing vintage couch. Remembering the little details like what scent you wore on your wedding day is special, especially when the bottle is as pretty as this one. Mixing in textures with other important pieces like the veil adds to the photo both visually and sentimentally.

I love the vintage vibes of these detail shots. Mixing in things like the invitations and florals from the day help memorialize the theme and feel of the day. Playing with the shadows was really fun too. I love to highlight the little things that might be missed at first glance!

I had so much to work with for these detail shots and it’s hard to pick a favorite! From the texture from the sofa and the neutral colors, to the mixed metal colors with the sunshine, what’s not to love?

I feel like these photos really tell a story, I love them so much! My favorite pieces are the vintage Brides magazine and the vintage shoes. I love when my clients come with such unique pieces to help tell their love story. It makes my job so much more fun!

This bride came prepared with quite a few very special pieces like her mother’s pearls and her grandmother’s handkerchief. Incorporating those with her own earrings, shoes, and beautiful veil rounded out these detail photos beautifully!

I make sure to capture details throughout the whole day for my couples, but I really do love the bridal flat lays and everything they represent. I definitely recommend making sure you’re ready on your wedding day with any pieces you’d love to have included in these special photos!