3 Reasons Your National Park Elopement Needs a Destination Photographer

National parks

are a very common location for destination elopements. This makes sense as they are all beautiful, there are many to choose from, and mother nature already has decorations all sorted for you! I always recommend that couples planning a national park elopement use a destination elopement photographer. This is for a few different reasons, and that’s what we’re going to get into in this post!

national park elopement

Reason #1: Knowledge

A destination elopement photographer knows what goes into the prep for shooting in a national park. This includes knowing which places require permits. For example, Tetons do not require a permit, but every beach in Hawaii does. We have experience with planning around things that could arise in these kinds of situations. A photographer who doesn’t specialize in these types of elopements could be blindsided by the different possible obstacles. We have scouted these types of locations before and sometimes even shot in those parks before. Destination photographers know what to look for when it comes to bride and groom photos in a national park elopement.

Reason #2: Creativity + Process

Shooting the same types of weddings in the same locations, local photographers could get comfortable. This could result in them not producing the best results that every couple deserves. As a destination elopement photographer, I am comfortable with changing locations, terrains, textures, weather, etc. That helps fuel my creativity and pushes me to be better every single time I pick up my camera. I get so inspired by my surroundings and love taking them into consideration when scouting and planning out the shots I know my couples want.

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Reason #3: More bang for your buck

Wedding photography isn’t cheap! If you hire a destination elopement photographer, you’re getting more than just photos of your big day, for usually around the same investment as a typical wedding photographer. We are typically more organized as we usually end up helping plan more with the couple for their day as a whole. This is because we have experience with things like national park elopements, and have more recommendations for that same reason. I have traveled so many places to capture elopements and I have experience knowing what works and what doesn’t, what vendors you should use, and how to get it all done. All of this adds up to both better photos, and a better photography experience as a whole.

national park elopement photographer

I’m sure I could go on and on, but I think 3 reasons is good enough! I hope this helped you in your destination elopement planning and figuring out what kind of photographer you want to hire for your national park elopement. I love hitting up all the national parks, so be sure to reach out if you want to learn more about hiring me to capture your big day!