3 Simple Couple Pose Ideas for Your Next Couples Photoshoot

A common question and concern I get from my couples is that they don’t know what to do in front of the camera. Not everyone is a model, and I get that! Even if you don’t have experience getting your photo taken, don’t worry. If you have a couple photoshoot coming up and need some couple pose ideas, here are a few I love to use as a couples photographer myself.

1. Walking away from the camera

bride and groom photo

You can get so many angles and crops from walking poses, and this usually loosens up a couple to start showing their personality! This is a great couple pose idea to start the session with. Movement helps loosen people up, and walking is an easy thing to do.

2. Kiss the hand

kissing her hand couple pose idea

This is such a sweet, intimate pose. Depending on the personality of the couple, this pose can be anything from tender to all laughs and smiles. You can capture this close up or far away for a romantic addition to your gallery.

3. The Spin

The spin is always a good one to get movement. I find that this couple pose idea shows lots of personality as well! A spin also shows a dress off if she’s wearing one. A fun bonus is if you can capture a spin by a reflective surface, so no matter which way they’re facing, you can see their face!

Something to always keep in mind is the use of action. Movement helps people get their minds off of how they look or focusing solely on the fact that they are being photographed. The best poses usually come from the clients themselves (and also Pinterest – that’s a great place to look for inspiration!) Try out these couple pose ideas at your next couples photoshoot, and let me know how it goes over on instagram!

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