My Top 3 Favorite Wedding Trends So Far in 2022

If the predictions are right, 2022 will end having hosted about 2.5 million weddings. That is a LOT of weddings, which means there were lots of opportunities for wedding trends. Let’s talk about my top 3 favorite wedding trends so far in 2022!

1. Silky dresses

silky wedding dress trend

Simple, white silky dresses have definitely been trendy lately. I love that they are elegant, leave room for accessories, and can be dressed up or down. Not only that, but they’re not hard to find, and they’re pretty inexpensive. Sometimes dress trends don’t age well, but I think this classic look won’t be something brides look back on and regret.

2. Fancy tablescapes

If you can’t have a fully decked out table at your wedding, where can you have one? This is such a fun way to add charm, color, and interest into your wedding decor. Whether you go with lots of florals or intricate place cards or ornate flatware (or even all of the above), fancy tablescapes are definitely in.

3. Destination weddings

beach destination wedding

With everything going on, smaller weddings have definitely happened more and more recently. One way to amp up a smaller wedding is to have it in a beautiful place. If you ask me, traveling to your dream location with your closest family and friends is the way to go. I think it adds something even more special to such a wonderful day. Also, it gives all of your loved ones a chance to have a little vacation while they celebrate you. Destination weddings have clearly spoken to a lot of people lately, because they are definitely trending.

I could go on and on about my favorite things I see at weddings, but these are my top three (for now). What is your favorite wedding trend lately? DM me on instagram and let me know!