The 5 Must-Have Wedding Photos You Can Not Forget

Photos are an important part of your wedding day. That fact is why you want to make sure your photographer gets all the must-have wedding photos. As a photographer with many weddings and elopements under my belt, I definitely have some thoughts on what shots are “must-haves” for your big day!

1. Final Details Shot

Some of my favorite photos from weddings are of the bride putting on her final touches. This can be her earrings, necklace, shoes, perfume, etc. Not only do these moments make for such pretty storytelling photos of their day, but a lot of the time brides have stories behind the items they’re using for their final details. The earrings are their “something borrowed,” the necklace was passed down from grandma, or these are the wedding shoes they searched and searched for that match their dress perfectly. All of these things are small in the grand scheme of it all, but tie in the story of the day, making it a definite must-have wedding photo!

2. Flowers, flowers, flowers!

I love getting creative with the bridal portraits and her bouquet! Most of the time, the bridal bouquet symbolizes the bride’s style and overall look for the day, so you definitely want to capture it. Flowers will eventually wilt, but photos of them will last forever!

3. Candid couples portraits

The traditional wedding photos of the bride and groom are great, but I love to capture photos that portray the couple’s personality. Catching little moments between the bride and groom can show off their love that is sometimes missed in typical wedding poses! My go-to prompt for the lovebirds is telling them to walk toward me. Every couple does something different, and it’s so fun to see how they turn out!

4. Dessert/cake cutting

must-have wedding photos dessert
wedding cake cutting photos

The cake cutting shot is a classic, but it’s great to get creative with it and incorporate your favorite dessert! This shot is always my favorite – it’s so fun!

5. Send off

sparkler wedding send off photos
must-have wedding send off photos

I love a good send off, it’s a classic for a reason! It’s such a hyped up feeling that you definitely want to be captured! The excitement always makes for great photos. Also, it’s the perfect way to wrap up your wedding photos – riding off into the sunset of the rest of your lives together!

Between the photos of the bridal party and dancing photos at the reception, make sure these must-have wedding photos are on your photographer’s list. Better yet, let’s chat about me being your wedding photographer. Then you don’t have to worry about making sure these must-haves are captured!

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